Meet Racey Morris

Racey Morris Financial Adviser

Racey A. Morris

Financial Advisor

Racey is a Financial Services Professional who is truly passionate about his clients and helping them create fully customized financial plans for their future. His practice is based on the needs of his clients, and making sure they get the highest level of planning. Racey excels because he offers the utmost level of honesty and integrity, and is truly passionate about creating strategies designed to fit his clients’ needs rather than generic planning.

Racey also works with the Advanced Planning Group* as a resource. The Advanced Planning Group is available to agents to assist their qualified clients such as affluent individuals, families, professional athletes, and business owners to assist with business, estate and charitable planning objectives. He provides his client with state -of -the art planning strategies and customized case analysis designed to enable clients to meet their goals, challenges, opportunities, and of course, dreams. After achieving a thorough understanding of a client's particular issue, Racey utilizes his resources at the Advanced Planning Group and his many other national resources to begin to:

  • Present and project client’s current situation.
  • Quantify planning alternatives.
  • Provide clarity to financial situations.
  • Suggest alternative strategies that may get the client closer to their goals.
  • Research and assess current legal issues.
  • Provide product suggestions as needed.
  • Review business succession, exit planning, and executive benefits.

The one-on-one case design process used by The Advanced Planning Group is tailored to the unique requirements of each client, which helps the Financial Services professional, Agents and Advisers to achieve a better understanding of the complex needs and goals of each individual.

* Advanced Planning Group services are available to New York Life Agents.






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